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>> mike: that was a hole in the receiver, i believe. >> referee: two fouls on south florida on the play. offsides, defense number 36. personal foul. face mask. number 36. one-time appeal will be in forceful half the distance to the goal. repeat the try. >> mike: basically the flat receiver, he's offsides. he will hold and face mask right there. obvious call. and now the ball will be put on the 1.5 yard line and notre dame
5:31 pm
gets the replay. >> dan: the two-point conversion. taken after the weather delay in the first half. rees to floyd! incomplete. >> mike: you have to throw that in. even if he came down with it, he was out of bounds. a young quarterback mistake there. he went to the right guy but you have to throw it high in the corner and let your best player make a play. >> job by quenton washington. >> dan: so the key two-point conversion. you have problem? peggy? ok. lost my card... need a replacement sent to my hotel tomorrow. one month. let's try this again. do you believe in yourself? yes... i believe in you, too, peggy. you could be my go-to guy.
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mp3 player. connect any 5 for wifi on the go. . . >> dan: notre dame kicks off with 7:35 left in the fourth. notre dame needing two scores to try to pull even with south florida. lindsay lamar back deep. >> mike: south florida has the hands team in just in case. >> dan: just in case of an onside kick but lamar brings it out from the 1. and lamar with a good return. remind you to turn to versus before every notre dame game. we will get you ready for kickoff. following every game head back to versus for a breakdown of all the action.
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we've got notre dame saturday covered not only here on nbc but on versus as well. >> mike: we just heard from alex flanagan down on the sidelines that b.j. daniels has been fighting some cramps and he hurt his hamstring a little before the first half. they're going to look to run the football. i'm not sure how athletic he can be on the edge right now. >> dan: he's been on the bike repeatedly trying to loosen up. murray gets the call, notre dame will stop him for a loss. ethan johnson one of the first to get to him. notre dame with a couple of time-outs left and the clock rolls on, approaching the 7:00 mark. >> mike: can't panic here. 7:00, you get a three and out and still have a great chance if you're notre dame. >> dan: michigan the notre dame opponent next week. getting the victory over western michigan.
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they are down to south florida, at the 30 on second and 12. murray gets across the 35 yard line. >> mike: harrison smith with the stop but a flag comes in. >> mike: i think we've got an unsportsmanlike. >> referee: after the play was over, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, number 90 on the defense. 15-yard penalty. first down. >> dan: ethan johnson. that's killer. >> mike: you want to talk about just continuing to hurt yourself, here's ethan right there. why jump on him there? he's down. i mean that's losing your composure. instead of a third down situation where you've got a chance to get the football back, they're now on your 48 yard line with a first down. >> dan: that's a senior, a guy that's played in now his 39th game here at notre dame with a penalty. how many penalties have there been on notre dame today?
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with that it moves the ball into notre dame territory at the 48. south florida with a first and ten. they'll keep it on the ground to murray who makes his way inside the 45. to answer your question, mike, eight penalties for 72 yards for the irish. >> mike: almost double what they averaged last year, which was four and a half. most of them key penalties. one took a touchdown off the board. brian kelly has got to be as frustrated as he's ever been in his career. penalties, turnovers. >> dan: everything you tell your team and your staff before the season starts, especially in the opening game. >> mike: and i'm a coach's son. i remember that when i was a kid, my dad talking about opening game. penalties, turnovers, tackling and special teams. >> dan: murray as they keep it on the ground on second and
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sixth. darius fleming brings him down. they have got freshman aaron lynch in there as well. 6'6", 265. the offensive coordinator calls him a compelling player. >> mike: he committed to florida state. >> dan: here we go, big play here. play clock down to 4. a carry on the left side short of a first down. fleming is there. >> mike: daniels effectively on one leg. trying to make a play. notre dame takes their second time-out. >> dan: just one left for the irish. trailing by ten with just 4:44 [ manager ] you know...
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♪ ♪ [ siren wailing ] [ male announcer ] they'll see you...before you see them. cops are cracking down on drinking and driving. drive sober, or get pulled over. >> dan: notre dame fobl is brought to you by adt security services, by the u.s. postal service, by sprint, all together.
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and by we put the law on your side. notre dame has played 122 season openers in its history and have only lost 15. >> mike: wow. >> dan: since they started playing football back in 1887. south florida from tampa, florida, on the verge of knocking them off in 2011. on fourth and two, the bulls punt it away. calling for the fair catch at the 9 yard line, a bit of another adventure for theo riddick, but he hangs on. >> mike: it's been a night of adventure for theo riddick back there. he dropped the first one, made a great catch on one he probably shouldn't have caught after that. i think he's had trouble just adjusting to the football. i think he's late with his feet getting under the ball. too much body movement. all right, daniel, 4:37 left, one time-out, down ten points.
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it doesn't matter if you get the touchdown or the field goal first, but you've got to get one of them. >> dan: you've got to get two scores. >> mike: you've got to get one of them and then kick onside and go get it. >> dan: one time-out left. tommy rees undefeated in his four games last year as a freshman. feels the pressure, steps up, and he's going to run it out of bounds. >> mike: south florida only brought four that time. i think you're going to see a combination of them bringing three, bringing four, maybe occasionally bringing just a little pressure to keep them honest. skip holtz and his entire staff has done a wonderful job, i believe, and their kids feel like they're as good as notre dame or any bcs program. >> dan: this is a program that for the first six years of its existence operated out of a trailer in tampa. in fact they nicknamed it the ponderosa. >> referee: being suspended
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because of weather conditions. >> dan: with 4:21 left. we just heard the public address announcer a few moments ago warn the crowd more weather is approaching. this is the second bit of weather we did expect to come through after the first one delayed the resumption of the second half for a couple of hours. >> mike: i give skip credit. he's not upset. he can't control it. he's going to go get his guys now. he wants to hear what's going on. >> dan: so now the public address announcer is once again running down all the buildings on campus here in south bend that the fans can take shelter. brian kelly and his team head to the locker room for the second time because of weather. and we're put on hold with the bulls up by ten. >> mike: this is crazy. building toward the compelling
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finish. not only the first initial weather delay in notre dame history, but we've got another one. >> dan: alex flanagan has been all over notre dame stadium this afternoon and tonight. >> oh, dan, it's a crazy scene down here. i'm just walking in, back in the tunnel with some of the players. there's a lot of confusion going on. they're looking at their coaches saying, wait, is this the end? is it over? nobody seems to know exactly. we did hear on the p.a. down here on the field, they gave the code instructing the ushers to evacuate the stadium. they have been waiting on this other cell to come through that's supposed to have high winds and severe lightning, so they're taking the precautions necessary to make sure that nobody gets hurt by this storm, and so we'll start this process all over again. >> dan: mike, we've had a monitor in our booth here dedicated to the weather channel's radar, and there is some mean greenng lkiootki suff
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coming in from the west. >> mike: no offense to the s weather channel, but i'm tired of this thing. okay, we're right here again. we're right in here somewre. i don't know. i've never seen something like that. not once, but twice? >> dan: what's the notre dame saying? shake down the thunder? >> mike: that's a literal translation. >> dan: you've taken some liberties with. >> mike: man, is that frustrating. we had a pretty good game going in the second half. notre dame, missed opportunities. south florida just continuing to close the door. when they missed that chip shot field goal from 30 yards, that would have made it a one-possession game. let's go down and check in with alex flanagan. >> i know it's a little frustrating with the game going in and out and weather delays, but remember there's been a number of incidences related to weather and i think officials here and the a.d. has to be sensitive. as i'm standing here talking to you, the winds are really
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beginning to swirl. remember deck lan sullivan, the unfortunate death of a notre dame student because of weather and high winds. more recently at the indiana state fair, remember weather came through, nobody was expecting it, a tornado hit and a number of people were killed there. i think given the past of those recent experiences, that everybody here at the notre dame stadium is really taking this serious and taking the necessary precautions when it comes to weather. >> dan: absolutely, alex. in fact the family of declan sullivan a part of the flag presentation before the game here at notre dame with a couple of families. a videographer who lost his life last year, last october. and so no way they want to get this many people in any kind of possible further weather danger. so the second delay. fans filing out.
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south florida bulls on top by ten with 4:21 to go. well, mike, i swooped in here on the telecast with tom hammond covering the world track and field championships in south korea and brought you some bad weather luck. i'm sorry about that. >> mike: it's okay. you know, i love the game of football. if we get to finish this thing, i'm a happy guy. i just -- i felt like we finally had a football game here in the second half. i did feel like the missed field goal, which would have brought them back within six points at that point and really made it a different kind of game. south florida took the ball, went 70 some yards and ran 5:00 off the clock. to notre dame's credit, they were able to rally and score again. but the missed two-point conversion and tommy rees had an opportunity to make a play there, he threw it too wide. michael floyd has played great but at the end of the tame they
5:47 pm
have imploded and south florida has taken advantage of it. >> dan: based on what you saw for tommy rees coming in for dayne crist, good decision by brian kelly to make the change? >> mike: i think it was the right decision, i really do. tommy played well. the ball came out on time, he was very accurate. he helped bring them back. i only criticism, again, is that two-point conversion where you've got to give your playmaker to make a play. >> dan: the public address announcer announcing to the crowd here that it is a 30-minute delay. there was more than a two-hour delay of the first one. so you see a lot of the students still hanging out, waiting. skip holtz will wait a little longer to try to pick up, which i would have to believe might be the sweetest victory of his college coaching career you would have to think if he's able to hang on and if we're able to get this in a little bit later on from notre dame stadium. another weather delay at south
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bend with the bulls up by ten. ♪ ♪ one, two, three, hit me [ male announcer ] a jump-start for your game. not your nerves. ♪ watch me, heh ♪ watch me! ♪ i'm super [ male announcer ] the proven push. stamina in a bottle. the original gatorade. ♪ sometimes i feel so nice [ male announcer ] and thirst-quenching protein that helps restore your body while cooling you down. ♪ prime. perform. recover. the g series from gatorade.
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woman: we love ordering sushi, but it was getting expensive. so to save some money... man: looks great, hun... woman: ...and we're not real proud of this. man: no...we're not. woman: teen: have you guys seen captain stewie and lil' miss neptune? dad: did you look all over the place? under your desk? all around? teen: uh, they're fish, they live in a bowl. dad: what're gonna do? anncr: there's an easier way to save. anncr: there's an easier way to save. teen: whatever. ncr: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> dan: 4:21 left in the fourth quarter when the second weather delay hits here at notre dame stadium. the bulls lead by ten so we take
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a break and send to it our notre dame studio in new york. we'll wait here at notre dame stadium for another resumption of play. >> dan, thanks so much. mother nature the big star of this game so far. 4:21 remaining, another weather delay. south florida leading it 23-13. skip holtz homecoming game. we knew emotions would be high. are you surprised that notre dame seems to be the team that's sloppy and south florida is poised? >> i really am. the south florida kids, no crucial penalties, no turnovers. it was notre dame with the crucial turnovers to take points off the board. it took two personal fouls that cost them first downs and moving the football for south florida, took crucial time off the clock and, again, a two-score lead. >> you see brian kelly fired up through this game. regardless of what happens, do you think notre dame has solved their quarterback situation? is it going to be tommy rees going forward? >> i believe so.
5:51 pm
tommy looks very relaxed, very comfortable. he's throwing the ball on rhythm, on time. according to brian kelly, he thinks he's missed some reads, but overall he's moved the ball well enough to win this game and come back. however, they didn't polish off one drive and defensively haven't come up with enough stops. >> so it could be tommy rees under center next week taking on the michigan wolverines. another team dealing with weather issues today. michigan was taking on western michigan. getting help from the defense midway through the second. pass deflected and brandon herron is going the other way. >> look at the stride on him. this was all set up from pressure on the quarterback deflecting the pass, getting it in the air. great job of catching the ball and finishing this off. >> 94 yards just like south bend, play suspended in ann arbor because of lightning. after the delay, wolverines, more defense. big pressure again. who's got it? brandon herron.
5:52 pm
>> taking off for a second defensive touchdown of the game. pressure on the quarterback can solve a lot of ills in the secondary and cause havoc. >> then the lightning and the rain came. this game actually called in the third quarter. the final in this one, 34-10. as for herron, his first time in wolverines history a player has returned an interception and a fumble for a score. michigan obviously has a lot of history, 34-10 the final. you know, number one oklahoma will visit florida state in a few weeks. this week florida state making light work of louisiana monroe. the pass a little ambitious here. >> no fair catch for the interception. >> and e.j. manuel, a heisman candidate. >> great job of standing in under pressure, taking a shot under the chin and putting the ball perfectly out in front for the big touchdown. i tell you what, he is the best quarterback in the acc. >> greg dent the reception. he walks in the 50 yards. manuel 250 yards, two tds. 34-0. to stanford and everybody's
5:53 pm
favorite arc tech turl design major, andrew luck making his season debut against san jose state. late in the first quarter, stanford at the one. luck boot legs right and he's racing for the pylon. >> he's a pocket passer but makes something out of nothing. here he is standing tall in the pocket, beautiful corner route. that's what we like to see out of andrew luck. >> the heisman favorite looking very comfortable. stanford rolls in this one, 57-3. nebraska is in the big ten with just 12 teams taking on a team from the southern conference. this was the taylor martinez show. early on a seven-yard run and this is vintage martinez making people miss. >> you know, decision-making running the option and of course he's got the natural athletic ability, but it's all about the decision making of pulling the ball, reading the defensive end, reading the pitch guy. he makes the right decision and has the athleticism to finish it off. >> a 43-td run, 47-td run.
5:54 pm
nebraska has won 26 straight openers, 40-7. usc and minnesota, matt barkley and the trojans opening their season against the gophers at home. a big day for barkley and sophomore receiver robert woods. 5:00 intobarkley airing one out 43 yards and hooking up to woods. >> step into the throw and woods does a nice job of bodying up to the defender and shielding the ball. >> this one got interesting. minnesota trailing by two. the pass, not so much. >> shortel did lead a nice drive to get them in a position to have a chance but throws a crucial interception at the end. >> woods new usc record 17 receptions. houston and ucla. case entering his sixth year with the cougars. michael hayes showing his diligence here. >> that looks like herschel walker lowering that shoulder running over people.
5:55 pm
amazing effort. keep the feet driving. when you keep your feet moving, good things will happen. >> so no case in this highlight. a running highlight for houston. you don't see that often. 34-yard score there. the cougars beat ucla, 38-34. keenum did have 330 yards passing. the crimson tide opening their season home against kent state where coach saban played football. >> a.j. mccarron, good timing on this throw. up and over for the touchdown down the middle of the field. >> trent richardson here. >> heisman hopeful, just 37 yards for three scores. >> he got in the end zone three times but did not have a good yards-per-carry day. >> kent state 0-22 all time against ranked teams. bsc national champion auburn getting a scare from utah state. fourth quarter 31-28. utah state fakes the field goal.
5:56 pm
>> this leads to a touchdown that put them up by ten. utah state is up ten with 3:30 to go. great onside kick with a high bounce recovered by auburn. they're off and running. >> so auburn caps an eight-play, 56-yard drive as they dive into the end zone and grab the lead for good. gene chizik, oh, a sigh of relief as he hugs gary anderson. the final in this one, 42-38. so auburn escapes. right now let's head back to dan hicks at south bend. >> dan: well, the rain really coming down right now at notre dame stadium, the second weather delay of the season opener between south florida and notre dame. the bulls players along with the notre dame players in the locker room killing more time again with south florida up by 10 with 4:21 left. cheerleaders doing the same. a reminder for those of you tuning in to see game time
5:57 pm
talking with the past that is going to be coming your way in its entirety. and when this game resumes, the conclusion of it can be seen on versus. so south florida with a 10-point lead. another weather delay, the first evacuation of notre dame stadium in history. a couple of times tonight with lightning striking in the area. we're going to try to get this game in, but again, tune into the movie right now on nbc and again we'll have the conclusion of the notre dame season opener on versus a little bit later on, hopefully on versus. so so long for now from notre dame.
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